Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Genesis III

This is the third iteration of the Joo Jup blog. While the word joojup most closely means "mischief" in Korean, it really has no relation to this blog. It is just a name.

I killed the past two versions of the JJ blog mostly because I am embarrassed about my past writings. I attribute to the fact that I do not write like Hemingway nor Ebert.

Why Ebert? It's Roger Ebert for those who were wondering. Ebert because this blog is about movies. In the past two lives, Joo Jup has had some major existential crises because Roger Ebert was alive and well, writing the most fantastic movie reviews ever: insightful, witty, and well-written. Why write when the audience can read his reviews? Why exist if the best I can do is put a hyperlink of Ebert's reviews. Now that he has passed away, I am less insecure about my writing reviews. Hence, onwards.

While it is unfortunate that I do not watch movies as voluminously as I did before, I hope that I make up for the lack of quantity with quality. Inshallah.